Working In Newcastle

Historically, those working in Newcastle were often associated with its heavy industry, but the city has diversified over time to embrace broader sectors encompassing professional services, education, retail, construction, trades, tourism and healthcare to name a few. The Port of Newcastle is Australia’s third largest and interestingly, the largest coal export port in the world. The CBD is a hotbed of economic activity for the region, generating over $16 billion worth of gross regional product. All of these factors have created great roles in Newcastle and the greater region as a whole. Tourism, especially features highly for those working in Port Stephens or Lake Macquarie.

What sets the working culture apart from many other places, however, is the ethos of making good use of time outside of the day-to-day grind. Employers generally adopt a more relaxed atmosphere and with shorter commutes than some of Australia’s larger centres, those working in Newcastle enjoy a work/life balance that can often be lacking elsewhere. 

Sporting a close-knit community that is open and friendly means transitioning into a new workplace is easier. There are opportunities to steer your career in the right direction and take advantage of an improved quality of life, whether that’s within the accounting sector, or any other profession.

Whether you’re considering working in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie or Port Stephens, get in touch with Daniels Recruitment.